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Welcome to my web site for Paul!

This page is to introduce you to my friend Paul Renaud, a young artist living and working in France. He is currently working on a new creation entitled Century 01 that he hopes to have published in 2003. Below you will find a wide variety of examples showing Paul's talents with ink and color, as well as concept sketches for commissions. 

Paul now has his own bulletin board! Please go to to meet Paul, discuss his work past, present and future and see more examples of his artwork.

Paul also has a new website of his own. Join him at for more artwork and up-to-date news on what Paul is currently working on.

Cavewoman! That's right, Paul is doing a new pinup issue of Cavewoman to be on sale mid- 2005. Check here for updates:  

Commissions and sketches Paul has done for me

A new Shi illustration in ink. Paul has created one of my favorite commissions with this one! Now don't tell him, but this is a present for my son Jason. I know you can keep my secret.
So Paul says "I think I want to do some  pencil illustrations". I say "Please Do!" The second pencil illustration I just received from Paul. Hopefully he'll do more in the future. 
prb1.gif (13532 bytes) This is a preliminary sketch in pencil for a Voodoo illustration. This wonderful inked commission of Voodoo and an Alien was a complete surprise .
prb2.gif (12260 bytes) Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in watercolor and colored pencil. This was done as an anniversary gift for my wife and me.  OK, from the other pics here you may not be able to tell, but I am a big Batman fan. I really love Paul's version of Batman.
prb4.gif (13253 bytes) Paul's idea of what Supergirl would look like. I'm sure by now you have guessed I like Voodoo! This was a surprise birthday gift from Paul. 
prb5.gif (13473 bytes) Poison Ivy by Moonlight. This was another gift by my friend. He actually used this pose twice with subtle differences. Ariel Lewis by Paul Renaud! I insisted on a commission of her and he kindly did this for me.
Paul and I are both Batman fans, so when Paul does one he knows how to do it with attitude.  The other half of the World's Finest team!  


Commissions Paul has done for others


Sketch sheets - check out these wonderful pencil works!

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Hacker magazine covers - this is a French computer magazine

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