James Bama

Bob Larkin

Boris Vallejo

Paul Renaud

Paul Renaud

Phil Noto

Julie Bell

Scott Hampton

Bryan Hitch


Alex Horley

J. G. Jones

Kevin Nowlan

Jeff Jones

J. G. Jones

B. Wrightson

Bob Larkin

J. G. Jones

Jim Silke

Dimitri Patelis


Here is my collection including a few of the pieces I am currently offering for sale. The art available for purchase has a price at the end of the description. Purchases must be paid for within 14 days. Postage can be quoted and insurance is extra. Overseas packages will be sent USPS airmail. Payments can be by PayPal, check, money order, Western Union or international MO. Most of the art is 11"x17" on bristol. I have tried to note the size and paper type if it is otherwise.  All inquiries can be sent to me at rdedominicis@carolina.rr.com  

Updated 5-28-08


Neal Adams

AdamsN3.jpg !GREEN LANTERN! Say no more, eh squire.

Dan Adkins

Adkins1.jpg A watercolor profile from my Conan period. 11x17 $200

Jim Aparo

Aparo1.jpg One of my first art purchases and still one of my favorites. Page #1 splash from Detective #445. Jim is THE Batman artist.

Aparo4.jpg Detective comics #445 page 2.

Aparo3.jpg Detective comics #445 page 9.

Aparo6.jpg Detective comics #445 page 10.

Aparo7.jpg Detective comics #445 page 11.

Aparo8.jpg Detective comics #445 page 12.

Aparo2.jpg A nice Brave & the Bold page.

Aparo5.jpg Detective comics #444 page 6.

Chris Bachalo

bachalo1.jpg Batman's my favorite character and it's always a treat to find a new artist to interpret the Dark Knight.

James Bama

bama1.jpg This is a true grail piece for me. James Bama's Doc Savage for "Terror in the Navy".

Jason Baumgartner

baum1.jpg Jason's as fine a penciler as he is an inker. Here's proof. Catwoman.11"x8.5" 

baum2.jpg And here's Jason's lovely vision of Wonder Woman. 8.5"x14"

J-B-1.jpg My son Jason's commission from the artist Jason, Battle angel Alita.

Julie Bell

BellJ1.jpg Here is a beautiful ink illustration by the beautiful Julie Bell. 10"x15" on thick board

BellJ2.jpg An incredible painting of Rachel Summers as Phoenix! 

Ryan Benjamin

BenjR5.jpg Grifter #3 cover by Ryan. This cover smokes with attitude! $600

BenjR6.jpg Ryan returned this great Ghost commission I had done for my wife.

Jerry Bingham

Bingham1.jpg Picked this up at a small convention from Jerry forever ago. 

BINGHAM2.jpg Batman commission from a favorite artist from the 80's. $150

Brian Bolland

Bolland1 I was able to get Brian to do this sketch for me in Greensboro, NC. 

John Bolton

Bolton1.jpg Batman inked study piece for the Manbat miniseries.

Brett Booth

Booth2.jpg The beautiful and deadly Taboo from the Wildstorm Universe '97.

Booth4.jpg And another version of Fahrenheit, a much earlier version. $200

Burke Breathed

Breathed1.jpg Bloom County, oh how I miss ya. It was destined I have this. Not only was it the only one the dealer had left, it was published on my birthday.

Mat Broome

Broome1.jpg Detective #738 pg 13. $125

Broome2.jpg Batman. Robin and Two-Face. The first in a 2 page sequence. Detective #738 pg 17.$150

broome4.jpg Thanks 2 more times to Mike for another pair of great Batman pages. This is Batman #571 page 8.$150

broome5.jpg And page 9 from Batman #571. $125

Robert Brown

Brown.JPG An unused cover for the Iron Fist miniseries, issue #2 from 1996. 

John Byrne

Byrne3.jpg Another Mid-Ohio purchase. John drew then auctioned this to whoever was standing in front of him at the time. Right place-right time. Wolverine!

Giovanna Casotto

Casotto1.jpg Another gem in Enrico's art stable! Giovanna delivered one of the most beautiful commissions we've gotten. Want a commission by some of Italy's greatest artists? Just go to http://www.redsectorart.com/ and get on the list. Enrico is your host and and an all around good guy!

Travis Charest

Charest7.jpg Voodoo sketch that Travis was kind enough to do at San Diego 1999.

Fank Cho

Cho2 A Baltimore treasure, Frank does Batman!

Denys Cowan

Cowan1.JPG Here is a Batman sketch $45

Tony Daniel

Daniel.JPG Shattered Image page.

Alan Davis

DavisA1.jpg A new member of the family. Batman done the Davis way.

DavisA2.JPG Batman page from Detective comics.

DavisA3.jpg This was a gift from my good friend and artist Paul Neary. A who's who update pinup with Batman and the family! Ya gotta look!

THOR.jpg This is actually the beginning of a Thor head sketch sheet I started at Heroes. Alan Davis and Phil Jimenez so far.

Mike Deodato

Deodato1.jpg A beautiful Christmas gift from my wife. My first double page splash.

Terry Dodson

Dodson2.jpg This was a prelim for the cover to Harley Quinn #10. Jason Martin finished and inked the art. Here's a little closer Batgirl

Dodson3.jpg This is a prelim for the cover to Harley Quinn #7. A present for my wife who likes Harley. Again, beautifully finished and inked by Jason Martin. Here's Harley finished Harley

Ben Dunn

Dunn1.jpg Here's a terrific Warrior Nun Areala in color by Ben. $150

Dunn2.jpg Areala Warrior Nun unused page.$80


Elf2.jpg A great color Batman. Elf and I share the same likes in Batman's look and demeanor. $150

You can check out Elf's art at his website www.elfstudios.com. He works in a lot of different mediums and very good in them all. See for your self.

David Finch

Finch1.JPG Here is a pencil sketch of Cyblade from David.

Finch2.jpg Dave does Ripclaw and Gabriel from Cyberfore 27.$350

Fake Frank Frazetta

Frazetta1.jpg That's right, it's a forgery! I had it verified by the Frazetta's and they say it's a fake. Damn!

 Richard Friend

FRIEND A sweet Batman pencil illustration.

FRIEND A super sweet inked Voodoo illustration.

FRIEND Check out Rich's incredible pencil work.

FRIEND A future VS game card illustration?

Gene Gonzales

gonzales1.jpg Gene was one of many to create beautiful renditions of Voodoo for me at Heroes 2000. Gene is a great guy. Catch him when you can.

GONZALES2.jpg This con commission of Ghost was for my wife. Gene is always in top form, even at a con.

Gonzales3.jpg Another convention commission for my wife, this time Poison Ivy.

You can see more and get a commission from Gene at Gene Gonzales Dot Com

Doug Alexander Gregory

gregory1.jpg This is a wonderfully painted head shot from a gamer magazine. 5"x8.5" $100

Mike Grell

Grell1.jpg Mike did this for me at a local comic store appearance. It's one of my treasures. The Green Arrow.

Grell3.jpg I was able to get this John Sable cover at an auction at Mid-Ohio con a while ago. I was one happy camper that day.

Bryant T. Griffin

griffin1.jpg Bryant is a talented local artist I just met. X-men by Bryant!$200

Jackson Guice

Guice3.jpg I was blown away when I first saw Guice's work on the Swashbucklers. Here's a page from the book. 

Guice4.jpg Here's a splash from Swashbucklers.

Guice5.jpg A page from the Deathlok miniseries.$300

Cully Hamner

Hamner1.jpg This is a pinup from Malibu comics of the character Boomboy. 11X17 $40

Hamner2.JPG Cully did this at the '97 Heroes con, for charity. It's on 20x30 board, done in marker. He's got the attitude right.

Tony Harris

  harris1.jpg A fantastic Batman for the new DC trading card game.

  harris2.jpg This is a Superboy prelim for a Legion cover. $45

  harris3.jpg The Great Machine in action, from Ex Machina #1.

Russ Heath

HEATH.jpg Something I never saw myself owning a Lone Ranger daily. Never been a LR fan, but I do like Heath!

Don Hillsman

Hillsman1.jpg Don drew this Batman for me and I'm thrilled with it. Check Don's work out.

hillsman3.jpg Don was kind enough to do a Hal Jordan Green Lantern for me at Heroes Con 2000. $175

Jason2.jpg Don also drew Zauriel from the JLA for my son Jason. Don does wonderful brush work.

J-H-2.jpg Jean Grey - The Dark Phoenix. Jason's second commission from Don, and not the last!

Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary

Hitch Bryan and Paul's version of the evolution of Green Lantern! This is from the Green Lantern Gallery.$1,500

Hitch The Engineer character style guide, one of only 2 I've seen Bryan do.

Hitch This is a sketch of Batman by Bryan, probably to get the feel for the character.

Hitch Wonder Woman splash by Bryan and Paul, from JLA #48.

Hitch The cover for Artists on Comic Art by Bryan, a great book, go get one. Pencil on 8x10, purposely done in rough sketch form.

Hitch A surprise in the last package, X-Men pinups!. This is Jean Grey from the X-Men.

Hitch Also from the X-Men pinup set, Banshee.$300

Hitch Ohh the evil Queen of Fables, from JLA #47. Great inking by Paul on this one!

Hitch Bryan and Paul Neary at their best, JLA #54 pg 15. Great page by two wonderful guys.

Hitch An unused Cap Ultimates page (printed in the HB edition)

Hitch Black Widow design by Bryan.

Hitch An incredible Phoenix cover for X-Men Adventures season 3!

Hitch An unused She-Hulk character page.

Hitch Queen of Fables style guide

Hitch A particularly creepy Joker sketch with a cryptic note.

Hitch Bullseye for the VS card system. Here's the unused art Bullseye

Hitch THOR! Hitch pencils/Kevin Nowlan inks!! Does it get better??

I'm proud to say I am the official rep for Bryan and Paul in selling their artwork from The Ultimates, The Authority, Stormwatch, Excalibur, X-Men, Captain America and just about any book these gentlemen have worked on. You can see what is currently available on my new website "The Art of Comics" at: www.theartofcomics.com. Check out the Gallery section for upcoming pieces of art and more.

Mike Hoffman

Hoff2.JPG Another beautiful pencil illustration by Mike.7.5"x9.5"

Hoffman5.JPG I'm afraid the scan just doesn't do this painting justice. "Tigress" is now in the top 5 of my favorites. Hoffman5a.JPG A closer look.

Hoff12.jpg Pencil and watercolor. I thought "Silverhair" was just striking and had to take her home with me!

Hoff13.jpg Mike does Shi! It took some doing but I talked Mike into doing a comic character, and he liked it!

Hoff14.jpg Mike doing an absolutely incredible Catwoman. An anniversary present. Do I have a great wife or what!

Hoff15.jpg A watercolor of Voodoo from the Wildcats. Mike's not too happy with this one, tell me what you think. I'll relay it to Mike.

Hoff16.jpg I purchased this moody little number from Mike at Mega-Con 2000. There was something about this one that said "buy me"!

Alex Horley

horley1.jpg Alex is incredible! I can't tell you how happy I am with the next two commissions. This is...The Batman!

Horley2.jpg Catwoman! It's really that beautiful in person.

Horley3.jpg OK, this is KILLER! And would you believe it's a commission I got for my wife. Heh, I'm one lucky fellow. Poison Ivy, boyhowdy!

Horley4.jpg Sweet Ghost sketch from Alex done at Chicago 2002 show.

Stuart Immonen & Jason Baumgartner

immonen.jpg Stuart is a very friendly guy and I hope to see more of him in the future! Jason was good enough to ink this Wonder Woman piece.

Carmine Infantino

Infantino1.jpg Two consecutive daily Batman comic strips by the legend himself.

Phil Jimenez

jimenez1.jpg I love The Authority. I love Planetary. And I LOVE Phil on Planetary/Authority! Here's page #33.

jimenez2.jpg And page #36. I just need to find a page with more Authority characters!

JIMENEZ3.jpg Phil was such a great guest at this years Heroes con. He even put up with me asking for a Batman.

JIMENEZ4.jpg OK, now for some good stuff...Wonder Woman pages (but without WW :)! WW #164 page 2. Great splash page.

JIMENEZ5.jpg Wonder Woman #164 page 3, for Belinda.

JIMENEZ6.jpg Wonder Woman #164 page 22. Another wonderful splash by Phil and Andy Lanning.

Dave Johnson & Jason Baumgartner

Johnson1.jpg I got this Cyclops from Jason (the inker of the art), pretty powerful. 11x17

Johnson2.jpg Here is Sabertooth from this dynamic duo. 11x17

Casey Jones

JonesC1.jpg  Casey has been doing some very nice pieces for various Wildstorm card sets.

JonesC2.JPG A very nice pencil sketch portrait of Nightcrawler from Casey.

JonesC3.jpg The Batman by Casey in inks. I was blown away when I opened this package. Thanks Casey!

JonesC4.jpg Casey takes on Black Widow for the internet comic!

Jeffrey Jones

JonesJ1.jpg An absolute master of mood, Jeff just completed this commission piece of Dr. Strange for me. 14x16 on canvas in oils. Wahoo!

J. G. Jones

Now you're in for a treat! Jeff is a fantastic artist and one fun guy to shoot the shit with! If you see him at a con you have to look at his originals, they will blow you away. The printing in the books didn't even come close to capturing the beauty of his work. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff at Chicago in '98 and walked away one very happy art collector, and it wasn't enough! I want more! The following are from Shi but Jeff has done other books in the past and we'll see more real soon!

JGJones1.jpg This is the painted cover to Shi: The Series issue #1.

JGJones2.jpg And the painted cover to Shi: The Series #5

JGJones3.jpg The ink-wash cover to Shi: Black, White & Red! This book didn't do the art justice. If you like the page in the book you'll love the original.

JGJones4.jpg This is Jeff's take on The Batman, done in ink-wash, Thanks a million Jeff!

JGJones5.jpg Here is Jeff's beautiful vision of Wonder Woman in pencil. Jeff, it's better than I could have imagined!

JGJones6.jpg Another stunning page from Shi: Black, White & Red, the last page to issue #1.

JGJones7.jpg A very dramatic Batman by Jeff, bought directly from him. Email me for contact info to get yourself something from a great couple.

JGJones8 Jeff recently did this convention sketch of Voodoo for me in Baltimore. Thanks Jeff and Jann!

JGJones9.jpg An illustration of Wonder Woman for merchandising.

Dan Jurgens/Bill Sienkiewicz

Jurgens1.jpg I first thought this combination was a bit unusual but the results are fantastic. Batman & Robin from Batman #568

Jurgens2.jpg An incredible portrait of Batman from this winning team, from the book above.

Jurgens3.jpg Dan and Bill work the magic on Detective #735 with a great Batman & Poison Ivy page.

Jurgens4.jpg Yep, I can't get enough! Detective #735 page 11, Batman, Poison Ivy, Robin and the death? of Clayface.

Joe Jusko

Jusko1.jpg My first Jusko painted page. From Vampirella. $600

Trent Kaniuga

Kaniuga1.JPG  Creed #1 page. 9"x12" 

Raphael Kayanan

Kayanan.jpg DareDevil $50

Ken Kelly

KellyK1.jpg A commission in oils of Dr. Strange by Ken. 11"x16" board mounted on foamcore $600

Jim Lee

LeeJ1.JPG This is art from the Image Universe set by Topps. I believe Jim inked the left image and P&I on the right. 8.5"x11" 

LeeJ3.jpg Jim's beautiful rendition of Voodoo from Wildcats #50. 

Pat Lee

LeeP1.jpg Pat's version of Wolverine, another sketch from SD '99.$100

Ray Lago

LAGO1.jpg I passed on this wonderful watercolor prelim a few years ago and when it was available recently I had to say yes this time! Wolverine!

Bob Larkin

larkin1.jpg A Big grail for me, a Bob Larkin Doc Savage painted commission. Thanks to Bob and to Mike to putting it together!

larkin2.jpg When I thought it couldn't get better I found this Doc Savage cover to the Omnibus #11. 

Rob Liefeld

LIEFELD Finally met Rob and was able to get this wonderful Voodoo at San Diego 2005 

LIEFELD  Rob also did The Batman for me at San Diego 2005 

David Lloyd

Lloyd2.jpg This page is from the role playing game Diceman. It has some very nice detail and ink work in it.$100

Scott McDaniel

McDaniel1.jpg A great unused Electra piece.

Bob McLeod

McLeod.jpg Cyclops $50

Pop Mhan

MHANP8.jpg I was the surprised winner of this great piece at Heroes Con. I just LOVE this piece! Thanks to Pop and Golf for holding the contest. Visit Pop and Golf at popmhan.com and you can commission a great piece to order. You can't beat the prices and the quality of the art!

MhanP9.jpg A beautiful Ghost commission for my wife.

Mike Mignola

Mignola2.jpg Batman in the Batcave page from Cosmic Odyssey #2. LARGE ART  

Mignola3.jpg A great panel page featuring Cloak, from Cloak & Dagger #8. Inks by Terry Austin.

Paul Neary

Neary1.jpg Paul did this inked Batman bust for me. Quite a nice surprise to open that package!

Eddy Newell

Newell3.jpg The good doctor, Doctor Strange that is.

Cedric Nocon

Nocon1.jpg Cedric has done a lot of great characters for the Image books - here is Overtkill. $50

Cary Nord

nord1.jpg Cary did a great job on Batboy and Robin. Here's the first page splash.

Phil Noto

NOTO Phil is an exceptional artist as you'll see once you click this link! You can see more at: http://www.notoart.com

NOTO What's Heroes Con without a great Phil Noto sketch?! Another (yes another :) Ghost commission for Belinda!

NOTO What a catch! Phil Noto's first panel page assignment, this is page 9 from Harley Quinn #16! Thanks to Phil... and Kelvin :)!

NOTO What a catch again! This is page 12 from Harley Quinn #16 with Harley, Poison Ivy and Thorn!

NOTO What a catch, last one! Harley, Poison Ivy and Thorn on page 14 from Harley Quinn #16!

NOTO What a catch, ok last one... really! Phil Noto's Beautiful Killer, Brigit Cole in glorious pencils.

NOTO Wizard World 2002 was very good to me, I picked up a lot of art from Phil including the cover to Birds of Prey 37!

NOTO This is the prelim to Birds of Prey 37, full size pencils, check out the detail in Phil's prelim.

NOTO Beautiful Killer #1 pencil prelim! I am so happy to have this since I think the book is terrific.

NOTO Birds of Prey #35 cover! I thought this pen and ink cover rocked when I saw it on the stands and I'm thrilled to own it!

NOTO The Batman, Phil is now one of my favorite Batman artists!

NOTO A cool look into Beautiful Killer, here's a prelim page.

NOTO This is the color version of the Scion trade paperback cover. Phil scanned it in and made electronic additions/changes.

NOTO Here is the pencil prelim to the Scion art. You can see Phil's beautiful detail in this piece. 

NOTO Phil did this Voodoo watercolor sketch at Heroes Con 2003

NOTO Finally getting around to a Phil update. This is the pencil prelim to a charity auction painting Phil did in Charlotte. Wolverine/Domino!

NOTO Marvel's Domino, check out that wonderful face! Color marker.

NOTO OK boys steady... I haven't seen Phil do many nudes but I was lucky enough to snag this one.. in color no less!

NOTO Oh boy.. Wonder Woman in pencil!

NOTO Voodoo painted commission!

NOTO Hawkwoman pencil commission.

NOTO Babs prelim?

NOTO Surprise painted commission for my wife... Poison Ivy!

NOTO Huntress con sketch.

NOTO Batman con sketch.

NOTO The Fox pencil commission.

NOTO Poison Ivy gift from Phil.

NOTO Phoenix con sketch.

NOTO Hal Jordan GL for the VS card game.

NOTO Oracle, for the VS game system?

NOTO A pair of Green Lanterns, compliments of Phil..

NOTO An impressive Doc Savage pencil commission. Thanks Phil!!!

NOTO Lady Shiva for the VS card game.

NOTO Into the West!

Kevin Nowlan

Nowlan1.jpg A Dr. Strange pinup! Come on look, you know you want too.. You'll be glad you did.

Nowlan2.jpg Finally a Kevin Nowlan update! Here's a Superman pencil sketch from Heroes 2002.

Nowlan3.jpg The first story I ever saw Kevin's artwork in was Grimwood's Daughter. Here's a prelim to the title page and back cover.

Nowlan4.jpg A quick but cute head sketch of Harley Quinn from Kevin (for Belinda) from Heroes 2002.

Nowlan5.jpg This is a wonderful prelim for Adventures of Superman.

Nowlan6.jpg finished ink Batman by Kevin! I love the cape on this.

Dimitri Patelis

Patelis.jpg Archangel painting used for a Marvel trading card. Yes, it is a beautiful as its scan! 13"x18"

If you would like to see more of Dimitri's incredible art and possibly own one for yourself you can check out his website at: http://www.patelisentertainment.ca/begin.htm Dimitri has done paintings for Marvel, Chaos and many other companies and will do commissions.

Jason Pearson

Pearson.jpg Voodoo (who else :) trading card art by Jason.

George Perez

Perez1.jpg George is one of the modern age giants. No one packs more action per square inch than George. This was P & I by George. ARES.

Perez3.jpg This is the cover to Aster #0. I love the dynamics of the two characters.

Perez5.JPG This is what could be the mate to the Aries piece, Eres is Aries' daughter, P & I again by George.

Perez6.jpg Here's a charity head sketch of DiNA from Crimson Plaque.

Brandon Peterson

Peterson.jpg Brandon and John Dell on Mystic, I loved the layout, but the inks were the real treat once I had the page. Great inking on this one.

peterson2.jpg Brandon did this Voodoo for his 2004 sketchbook

peterson3.jpg The Huntress for the 2004 sketchbook.

Whilce Portacio

Whilce1.jpg A beautiful portrait of Mother One from the Wetworks card set. The detail is incredible.

Whilce2.jpg Another great piece of card art, this is Pilgrim from Wetworks.

Whilce3.jpg This is a sketch Whilce was nice enough to do for me in Chicago this year. I'm assuming it’s the new bad guy from Stone.

Whilce4.jpg Here's an incredible splash page from Iron Man #2. This features the Hulk and Iron Man.

Whilce5.jpg A feral looking Wolverine sketch by Whilce from SD '99. $40

Whilce  Dr. Strange 9"x12"

Howard Porter

Porter1.JPG This is a character study of the villain "The Trickster". 10"x10.5" 

Porter3.JPG A nice Wonder Woman sketch from Howard done in Pittsburgh in 1996.

Joe Quesada

Quesada1.JPG Cover study featuring Batman and Azreal

Frank Quitely

quitely1.jpg Frank did a great job on JLA- Earth 2 and I was happy I could get a piece from it since he's keeping most of it for himself.

quitely3.jpg Frank was nice enough to do this quick Batman for me.

quitely4.jpg Another quick sketch, this time of The Midnighter.

Robin Recht

Robin1.jpg Another wonderful artist from France and good buddy of Paul Renaud. Robin did a Batman commission for me and ended up doing 2!

Robin2.jpg Another take on my Batman and Huntress commission. Robin has an intensity that would really suit a Conan commission wouldn't he!

Paul Renaud

renaud1.jpg Paul is a very talented French artist I have had the pleasure to meet recently. With luck we'll get to see more of his work soon

renaud.jpg Paul's work is too amazing to wait for me to update his site :)! Here's Paul taking on Electra.. well not actually... you know what I mean!

renaud.jpg Paul's sensual Black Cat!

renaud.jpg Paul's next French publication will be Century 01. Here's an advance look at the excitment we are in for!

renaud.jpg OK OK, but just one more! I have to save some for my annual update on Paul's site! Sorry Paul!!!

I've created a separate website just for Paul Renaud and you can visit it at Renaud . I have wonderful examples of this incredible artists work to view.

Shelby Robertson

SHELBY1.jpg Here's a great new discovery, thanks to Ebay! This is Shelby doing Batman. $100

Andrew Robinson

Robinson1.jpg Andrew's take on The Batman for heroes '99.

Budd Root

Root Cavewoman #2 page 13

Root Cavewoman - this you have to see. As we like to say- This Budd's for you!

root Budd didn't like this one, if you can believe that. Funny because it's one of my favorites by Budd.

ROOT A new convention commission and something different for Budd, Voodoo from the Wildcats.

ROOT Beautiful and sexy monochrome watercolor by the one and only Cavewoman artist!

ROOT Another beautiful commission in watercolor by Budd.

ROOT And another beautiful nude commission in watercolor by Budd.

j-budd1.jpg Here is my son's pride and joy- Wolverine by Budd Root!

m-budd1.jpg Son #2's favorite from Budd. Cavewoman is a family thing around here!

You can get more info and alot more art at Budd's official website http://www.basementcomics.com.Check it out, there are originals for sale, also. Need Cavewoman back issues? Cavewoman specialty items like posters, T-Shirts and action figures? Check out Amryl Entertainment at www.amryl.com for all your Cavewoman needs. Great people so try them.

Alex Ross

RossA1.jpg A fantastic pencil illustration of Jade from the Kingdom Come set,9"x12" on tracing paper . 

Dave Sim

Sim1.JPG I got this Cerebus sketch the first time I met Dave at a local comic store appearance.

Walter Simonson

Simonson.JPG Walt Simonson Thor marker sketch!11"x14"

Bill Sienkiewicz

Bs1.jpg I asked Bill to do The Batman for me and here it is, in Bill's unmistakable style.

Bs2.jpg Here's a beautiful portrait of Poison Ivy that Bill did in San Diego '99 for my wife.

Paul Smith

SmithP1.JPG Paul did this sketch for a donation to a charity during the '96 Heroes Con. Paul IS the definition of Gentleman.

SmithP2.JPG Paul also did this Batman in Charlotte for charity.

Brian Stelfreeze

stelfreeze1.jpg Voodoo, inked on 11"x14".

Dan Step

Step.JPG Humongous Man page. $40

William Stout

Stout1.JPG Just a woman with here loving pet 8.5"x11"

Stout2.JPG Who could buy Stout without getting a dinosaur? 8.5"x11" $200

John Taylor

taylor.jpg Now here's a treat! John is a close friend and only does these illustrations in his spare time! Visit John at http://users.vnet.net/jct1/homepage.html and see all the illustrations he's done so far. If you're lucky one will show up on Ebay!

Tim Truman

TRUMAN1.jpg Hawkman and Hawkwoman from the Hawkworld miniseries. Fantastic art and inks. Makes me want more!

  trueman2.jpg A beautiful ink wash of a character named Iron Lord.

Billy Tucci

Tucci.jpg Billy is a fun guy to visit at a con. Here is his pencil sketch of Shi from Mega-Con 2000.

Michael Turner

Turner1.jpg Artwork from a Topcow card set. This is Cyblade. No, really. It's not Sara.

Boris Vallejo

Boris1.jpg  a beautiful painting of Iceman used as a trading card. I've waited a long time for something like this

Boris2.jpg OK, Now this is the new prize! Painted cover to Doc Savage's The Boss of Terror! 22"x30"! A closer look DOC!

John VanFleet

VanFleet.jpg Here's a nice painted panel piece of Poison Ivy I picked up from John at Heroes Con 2003.

Charles Vess

Vess1.jpg A beautiful color page from Spiderman: Spirits of the Earth that Charles wrote and drew. This is a beautiful book.

Vess2.jpg I was very happy to be able to be able to get a page from his newest project Rose. From issue #1.

Vess3.jpg Rose. From issue #3

Martin Wagner

WagnerM1.JPG Erica from Hepcats 8.5"x11" $25

WagnerM2.jpg Erica again, this time from Hepcats #3 pg.20

Loston Wallace

LOSTON.jpg Loston was nice enough to add to Belinda's collection by doing this head sketch of Harley Quinn. Read Loston's Klyde & Meriem!

Mike Wieringo

Wieringo1.jpg Mike was doing head sketches for charity at Heroes '99, here's Serra from Tellos.

Ashley Wood

Wood1.JPG Ash sure knows his way around a bottle of ink, don't you think? Here's Forge.

Wood2.JPG Ash's take on Doc. Ock.

Wood3.JPG And Prof. X

Pete Woods & Mark Lipka

WOODS.jpg Harley Quinn #8 splash page by Pete and Mark. I was lucky enough to get this directly from the inker, Mark Lipka. You can buy art directly from Mark as well, just hop on over to Mark Lipka .He's great to deal with! Tell him I sent you.

Bernie Wrightson

Wrightson2.jpg A great color piece from a card set, A monster and his trophy.

Michael Zeck

Zeck2.jpg Black widow pencil card art used in the same game as the Hawkeye.7"x8.5" $40

    since September 6,1998